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What is the difference between secured and unsecured bad credit personal loans?

1. Secured Bad Credit Loans

Both customers with bad and good credit can be offered secured and unsecured bad credit personal loans. What is asked by the lender to secure your loan? It can be anything of value, for example, any vehicle, real estate, or another valuable asset. What kind of the borrowers can use the help of secured bad credit loans? Those clients who have experienced:

  • defaults,
  • foreclosure,
  • missing loan payments.

All of these customers are the category of people we are aimed at. Different lending companies advertise:

  • flexible schedules,
  • simple application,
  • pre-approval options.

The term varies depending on the financial circumstances. The main good point is that customers are offered larger amounts at lower rates if we compare to unsecured loans. When applying for a bad credit personal loan here, customers should fill in contact information, mention marital status and mortgage balance, their collateral worth, the amount requested, and other information.

2. Unsecured Personal Loans Bad Credit

As for our company we offer you unsecured bad credit personal loans. Sometimes they can be more expensive then secured long-term loans.

One of the methods to apply is to do this together with the help of a co-signer who can be your friend or relative, or any other person preferably, with good credit. Who are co-signers? They are responsible for a loan repayment and are having a large risk. This type of bad credit personal loans doesn’t require any collateral which means something of value.

After applying for our personal loans for bad credit we are going to approve you in 15 minutes if you meet all the requirements.

How to Get Unsecured Personal Loans with Bad Credit

What do usually lending services request:

  1. employment information ( for example, the length of your employment);
  2. position held;
  3. gross income;
  4. monthly income;
  5. information about your employer.

If you apply for our payday loans together with a co-applicant, you must be offered to be provided to have an access to net or gross income, age, and marital status.

Is there guaranteed approval for all bad credit borrowers?

The most common question of all those customers who want to become the holders of our personal loans for people with bad credit is:” Do you have the guaranteed approval for all applicants no matter how bad their credit history is?”

We really offer bad credit personal loans without guaranteed approval if everything is correct in your application form. You should provide us with the appropriate information which is required according to our company’s rules and you will be approved for our bad credit personal loans.

Before you make your choice between these two kinds of loans you should remember that we are always ready to consult you and to give the detailed description concerning all our special offers. Each type of a loan is aimed at serving some definite aims. Our unsecured personal loans for bad credit have been established for those who need extra money without taking efforts and spending much time.


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