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Changes Experienced by is known as a hub for all representatives of pop culture. It contains the information on the local and international music festivals. Unfortunately, even such mastodons of the online music community may face some financial challenges. In modern realities, the risks are becoming even more striking. Considering their unexpected expenses associated with accommodation, transportation, and organization, receiving an attractive deal on the payday loan is a great solution to the financial issues. Thus, has been recently taken under control by Getting extensive loans has saved them from committing themselves to long-term debts. But let’s see the other aspects of the deal.

Introduction of is the blog devoted to ReedPop. Eventually, it has turned into an online community for all representatives of pop culture. Apart from revealing the most recent news about the music events, it is actually involved in the organization of music events all over the world. is responsible for NYCC, PAX East, C2E2, the UFC Fan Expo's, and NYAF. At, you can find a unique overview of all the shows and the mediums they serve. Lance Fensterman, Chief Executive, provides a unique perspective on the covered shows.

Now, seems to be even stronger than it used to be. Thanks to the financial support provided by 1500loans, the community can continue its development without compromising the quality of their services. Eventually, they can cover even a higher number of events in China, Japan, and other countries.

Cooperation with 1500Loans

With the financial support of 1500Loans, can help public and private organizations with arrangements for music festivals. Whether it comes to credits, loans, or some other forms of funding, the cooperation remains quite successful. Let’s dive deeper into details.

Financial Support Granted to MediumAtLarge’s members

Considering the constantly growing expenses associated with the organization of music festivals, it was a matter of time for to face some issues. The solution was found on This financial company covered the financial aspects of the upcoming music festivals. Now, the members of the festival don’t have to think about where to get money for transportation and accommodation. Even if their credit history isn’t bright enough, their chances of getting some financial support are quite high.

When 1500Loans started the cooperation with the members of the ReedPop community, it brought realistic conditions for them. When they need you to pay off the payday loan always depends on the date of your next pay day. Most repayments are to be made within one month, although there can be some variations. Thanks to the integrated system, money is taken back from your account automatically. Of course, every case is unique. The agreements achieved with different members of ReedPop are also different.

The Structure of MediumAtLarge’s Website

To navigation of MediumAtLarge’s Website will be as smooth as possible. It won’t be difficult for you to find all the necessary information. By navigating from one section to another, you will definitely find exactly what you are looking for. Before you go any further, let’s check out the available sections.

Pop Culture Diplomacy through the Japan Foundation

The Japan Foundation deals with international cultural exchange. By offering multiple programs for individuals and institutions, it focuses on cultural studies, intellectual courses, and language education. The Japanese public organization is often responsible for the conduction of various events across the United States. So, the visitors have great opportunities to listen to influential speakers like Hiroyuki Ito, Toshihiro Fukuoka, and Oyama X Niyya.

BEA Editors Buzz Details

The Editors Buzz aims to get the editors’ thoughts on a particular social event, book, or piece of art. This way, the audience can get a second opinion on the things they are actually interested in. The Editors Buzz is there to set the tone and the buzz for just what the books of BEA are all about.

Cencoroll Comes to NYAF!/ Guest of Honor at NYAF!

New York Anime Festival (NYAF) is an event that can’t be missed. With all the variety of animation projects, it still manages to surprise the audience with new additions. For example, critically acclaimed Aniplex's Cencoroll was also included into the festival’s program in 2007. Apart from this, the event is attended by animation stars. Rie Tanaka, AKB48, and Reni Akihabara performers and voice actresses happen to be often guests of honor at NYAF.

New York Comic Con / / NYCC on Fox National News!

The talented guests and the devoted audience determined the overall success of NYCC (New York Comic Con). No wonder that it is breaking new records every year. The army of comic book fans also seems to get bigger and bigger, especially when NYCC became mentioned on Fox National News.

The ReedPop community aims to listen to its followers. Which guests they want to see next year? Which comic books they want to be covered? Which improvements they suggest? By following the followers’ ideas, the ReedPop team conducts interviews with the most striking personalities of the comic world. J-Pop Superstar T.M.Revolution is sure one of them.

Why a Smaller BookExpo Is Better?

BookExpo is a huge event for book fans all over the world. Over the last decade, it has turned into a more specifically focused, high-level event where publishers can cooperate with online influencers to cover a bigger audience. BookExpo in NYC will be conducted in a smaller format where a limited number of attendees, exhibiting personnel, and retailers are allowed. Let’s see efficient this approach is about to become.

New York Anime Festival Mascot Contest

Before NYAF takes place, a new mascot is supposed to be selected. Artists and anime fans are welcome to introduce their thoughts to the event producers. Whether it's something big, small, funny, or too serious, they want to know you’re your ideas. Such stars as Cafe Bassist Kanon are usually involved to announce the winner.

Final Word

At, one may find all the information related to the anime and comic festivals. If you consider visiting one of the suggested events, you may get some financial support from Eventually, these two big resources will make you closer to Japanese culture.


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