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Getting Bad Credit Payday loans can save you from committing yourself to long-term debts and become very useful in a case of unexpected expenses. Payday loans for bad credit are the best way out when you face emergency situation, which requires instant problem solution.

How to get approved with bad credit history

We offer you to apply for our bad credit payday loans now and to get your approval within a short period of time. Payday loans are exactly what you need when you have to deal with some urgent situation as the whole application process will take you several minutes. What do our borrowers need to get money instantly? Check out the obligatory requirements you must meet:

  • Some identification documents like your passport.
  • Valid e-mail address to be able to get mails in order to be informed about some special available offers and to get the confirmation about your loan approval.
  • Banking account that was opened for some definite period of time for us to deposit and then debit money automatically.
  • Contact number to be able to receive calls.
  • Proof of being employed and getting salary regularly once or twice a month.
  • Proof that you are at least 18 years old and that you are a citizen or a resident of the country. Remember that according to the legislation customers younger than 18 can’t be approved even if they are able to meet other requirements.

If you asked about the 100% guarantee of the loan approval we could answer: “Yes, if you meet all basic requirements listed above”. Absence of credit check gives us an opportunity to provide you with fast positive decision, regardless your poor credit score.

What can the lender offer bad credit borrowers?

We offer you to get our short-term payday loan which has minimum requirements for its obtaining. To receive money you just need to have some job at the moment and to fill out our easy online application form. You can apply for the amount up to 1,500 $, regardless of your poor credit score as bad credit borrowers are offered the same rights as those borrowers whose credit score is good or excellent. Our clients are going to be offered:

  • The loan for the period from 14 days till month. The exact repayment date will depend on the date of your payday.
  • The chance to get approval quickly. Instant approval is what we guarantee our clients.
  • Absence of credit check with the only requirement of being employed. You should have an evidence of getting regular monthly income.
  • The amount of borrowing is from $100 to $1,500. How much you will get depends on how much you earn per month.

How do we treat those who have bad credit rating?

Payday loans bad credit have been created for those who had some problems in past but now feel able to take money and then give the borrowed amount back on time. We as your payday lenders are interested in your current situation more than in your credit file with imperfect history because the situation could change and it doesn’t mean that you can’t afford to repay your payday loan on time now. We used to trust our clients and give a helping hand to those who are in need despite their bad financial reputation. You are required to show some document proving that you are working at the moment and to provide us with the necessary information online to get your payday loan bad credit. As you can see bad credit payday loans are available to everyone being able to meet simple requirements.

Payday loans’ features that can be used by our bad credit borrowers

There are some features that you as our borrower will definitely enjoy:

  • Easy online application form

    All our customers both with perfect credit history and payday loans bad credit borrowers can enjoy our online application process which usually takes several minutes to fill out a simple form and to write down all the necessary data. There is no physical paperwork required which is for sure our advantage. The whole application process online will take you from 3 to 5 minutes, especially if you have all necessary information at hand.

  • Instant approval

    After filling out your application we are going to give you our answer about the taken decision within several minutes which can be considered one more advantage of our payday loans in comparison with the traditional financial institutions that spend more time taking a decision if to approve the borrower of not. Due to the short duration of the payday loans bad credit your present financial situation is taken into account only. That’s why we offer you bad credit loans without guaranteed approval as this type of loans can be the only way out for people with bad financial reputation. Instant approval is what you will get choosing bad credit payday loans online.

  • Fast money

    Our clients will be glad to have an ability to get money within 24 hours after sending us your application form. You are going to find your loan at your banking account as we will deposit it directly to it. We as your payday loan lenders do everything to make the loan process enjoyable and as simple as possible. We understand that if you need money badly, you don’t have time to wait for several days. That’s why we provide our clients with the same day bad credit loans, which you can expect within one business day.

  • Ability to turn your short-term loan into a long-term loan

    What does it mean and how to do this? If you feel that you have problems repaying your payday loan bad credit at the due date, you have the right to extend it for some longer period of time for additional cost. In case you realize that you have some emergency preventing your on time loan repayment, there is no need to panic as there is a way out offered in such situations. Just inform us immediately that you have unexpected financial problems and we will offer you the best deal after considering your situation. Extension options are a good solution, which can save you from serious negative consequences involved in the violation of the loan agreement. Additional fees will be included if you extend your payday loan for bad credit, however, it is a good opportunity to avoid causing damage to your credit score in case of non-repayment.

How it is better to repay payday loans for bad credit

All borrowers are interested in our expectations of getting our loans back. When we need you to pay off the payday loan you have taken will depend on the date of your next pay day. The repayments are to be made within 30 days but if you have the possibility to recompense earlier it will be even better for you because you will have less extra charges. With the help of the automatic system of taking money back you shouldn’t waste your time on going to the bank. We have taken care of your ability to have the available option of withdrawal of the borrowed amount of money directly from your valid banking account on the day of getting your salary plus all charges and interest for the period of time which was stated in the written agreement. The whole process of getting payday loans online has been designed so that bad credit borrowers are able to save time and solve their current difficulties as soon as possible.

Which consequences to expect if you miss the loan repayment

You should be aware of consequences, which are possible in case a borrower isn’t going to repay the bad credit payday loan. Sure that negative consequences don’t refer to you if you have informed your direct lender and used the loan extension option if can’t make the loan repayment on time due to some unplanned expenditures. In case the borrower isn’t going to repay the loan, he or she will be charged additional fees. The credit score will be damaged and this will be not the worst thing that may happen. Some borrowers face the lawsuit and lose their property, which value is equal to the amount of loan together with the interest rate and all fees you were charged.

In order to avoid such unwanted consequences, you are recommended to be careful considering your current financial situation to make sure that you have a stable income source, which you can use for the bad credit loan repayment. Sure that nobody has the 100% guarantee that no unplanned trouble happen, however, you should be careful getting acquainted will all terms and conditions in order to be sure you feel fine with everything before you agree to the payday loan contract terms.

We are responsible direct lenders. What does it mean? We approve only that amount of loan which seems affordable for you taking into account the information provided by you online. We consider your employment details to make sure that you will be able to make the full bad credit loan repayment on time.

Whom to choose: direct lender or third-party provider?

First of all, after deciding that payday loans with bad credit are a good solution for you the next step should be checking if the lender you have chosen is a direct lender or a go-between.

In order you make the right choice, you should have a clear picture of what both lenders can offer you.

The direct lender is considered to be the safer option to choose as you provide the personal details directly compared to the go-between companies, which work as mediators who cooperate with large network of direct lenders. The principle of mediator’s work is the following: you provide the required information and wait the answer from the direct lender. The minus of such borrowing is that your information is sent more than to one direct lender. You never know which lender is trustworthy as today there are a lot of companies offering the bad credit loans.

The significant factor you should consider to make sure that payday lender can be trusted because today there are a lot of companies offering almost the same services as it may seem at the first sight. However, it is only at the first sight as some of them have hidden fees. If you are choosing between direct lenders and third-party providers you should prefer the first one because of the list of benefits.

You will have better chances to be offered a more suitable deal on your payday loan bad credit. While applying for your payday loan for bad credit you provide us with your personal details. That’s why it will be better for you to have no doubts that your lender is a trustworthy company with a good reputation. The third-party service providers are passing your information to other firms which can be dishonest and use your data in their own aims. Being lenders of payday loans for bad credit borrowers we offer our clients the security system of their personal information. We are responsible for protection of your contact details and all data that you have provided us with.

Using the direct lender services you will pay less compared to the third-party provider services because you should pay some fee for their work, which is to look for the direct lender for you.

What we provide you with compared to traditional financial institutions

If you are a bad credit borrower, then payday loan for bad credit is the only option you can use due to the fact that banks reject those borrowers who have poor credit score. However, for us people with low credit are not just scores, that’s why we are ready to offer you the second chance to get fast money when you need it badly and enjoy the same rights as good credit borrowers have. In comparison with traditional banks offering credits after you provide them with a lot of documentation and faxing, we ask you only to fill in a simple online application form and wait several minutes till you get your positive answer, which is guaranteed in case you have checked out all basic requirements and able to meet all of them. We offer you high-quality service at competitive interest rates.

A lot of borrowers give preference to popular payday loans online due to the fact that this is how you are able to save time and avoid staying in queues. Moreover, you are able to apply for the loan from the comfort of your house and get money deposited directly into your account. When you repay the loan you also won’t have to go anywhere as the amount of the borrowed loan is going to be automatically withdrawn from your banking account. Traditional financial institutions don’t offer such benefits as their only plus is a bit lower cost of the credit but they don’t provide the same day loans and can’t offer you getting the loan without visiting the bank.

Why our bad credit payday loans online

Nowadays there is a great choice of direct lenders and mediator companies, however, not all of them you can entrust your information with. You may ask why you should choose us. Check out what we offer you and take the reasonable decision concerning your payday loan for bad credit. We offer you:

  • Competitive interest rates;
  • Guaranteed approval for bad credit borrowers;
  • Instant approval with no credit check;
  • No paperwork and faxing;
  • Absence of necessity to go to the bank to get the loan;
  • Money transferred into your banking account;
  • Minimum requirements and maximum benefits;
  • Customer support available round the clock.
  • High-end encryption tools
  • Bank level security at every stage
  • 100% privacy and confidentiality
  • Totally safe and secure